pyro & klepto - AFI thesis film - actor

-action on film international film festival, 2013

      nominee - best young female performer

-independent filmmakers showcase, 2013

-la indie film fest, 2013

-la asian pacific film festival, 2013

-logan film festival, 2013

-san diego asian film festival, 2013

-sacramento film and music festival, 2013

-anchorage international film festival, 2013


the undercard - short film - actor

-female eye film festival, 2013

platonic solid - short film - actor/writer/producer

-london lesbian film festival, ontario, canada, 2015

-pacific coast international short film festival, 2015

-reeling chicago lgbt international film festival, 2014 

-aGLIFF austin gay & lesbian international film festival, 2014

-seattle gay & lesbian film festival, 2014

-tampa international gay & lesbian film festival, 2014

-los angeles lift-off film festival, 2014

-palm beach international film festival, 2014

-wildwood film festival, 2014


revelator - feature film, 2017

"Mindy Rae (Valerie Kreuger) is brilliant as well, translating the role of a young reporter as a cool and collected powerhouse that complements the psychological chaos within Auken's character." -Tennessee Horror

"Along for the ride is Valerie Kreuger (Mindy Rae), a skeptical journalist with her own agenda who ends up being an important part of John’s journey. She is definitely not easy to figure out, which is part of her charm, and this continues right up until the end of the film." -Geek Chic Elite

"Yet, the real discovery is Mindy Rae, who is terrific as the brash but also somewhat broken Krueger." -J.B. Spins

PLATONIC SOLID - Short Film                                              written + produced by mindy rae (as melinda stephan)


stream the film below

parker and madison, two would-be lovers, redefine the term "soul mate" in this modern story of love, loss, coming out, and coming of age.
"platonic solid" tracks the separate progressions of parker and madison, as they each find themselves exploring and embracing same-sex relationships. madison, struggling with depression and a sexuality crisis, journeys through memories with parker, to reveal moments in their relationship that indicate their platonic love, and their struggle to come to terms with it.
this film investigates what sexuality means in a modern society and dissects the common, yet rarely discussed, theme of gay men and lesbian women dating each other. it chronicles growth and development, and all that goes along with embracing one's true identity.

platonic solid - a short film